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Angular 11 Development

Course overview

This course takes a thorough look at Angular 11, the latest version of the Angular framework. We can also run courses on earlier versions of Angular, if this is what you're looking for - just contact us to discuss the details.

What you'll learn

  • Angular architectural concepts
  • Creating and testing Angular apps
  • Templates
  • Data binding and forms
  • Dependency injection
  • Pipes
  • Directives and transclusion
  • Routing and navigation
  • Calling REST services
  • Web sockets
  • Angular CLI


  • Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript programming

Course details

  • Angular Essentials: Features in Angular 11 and earlier versions; Angular architecture components; Development tools state-of-play
  • TypeScript and Modern ECMAScript Essentials: Overview of TypeScript and modern ECMAScript; Transpilation; Using the TypeScript Playground; Configuring and using the TypeScript transpiler
  • Understanding TypeScript Syntax: Variables and types; Functions; Classes; Generics; Inheritance; Interfaces
  • Creating a Simple Angular Application: Getting started with Angular CLI; Structure of an Angular application; Importing Angular libraries; Angular bundles; Angular components; Templates; Binding expressions; Bootstrapping Angular; Overview of routing
  • Data Binding: A closer look at data binding; Two-way data binding; Delayed binding; Applying CSS styles and classes conditionally; Using structural directives; Differences in earlier versions of Angular
  • Pipes: Using built-in pipes; Internationalization; Using promises, observables, and the async pipe; Defining custom pipes; Applying pipes programmatically
  • Forms: Template-driven forms; Reactive forms; Dynamic (data-driven) forms; Validation techniques
  • Component Hierarchies: Structuring applications; Defining component inputs; Defining component outputs; The mediator pattern
  • Dependency Injection: Overview of dependency injection in Angular; Simple dependency injection; Using the provide() function; A hierarchy of injectors; Global provision; Injection into services; Values and factories
  • Closer Look at Angular Routing: Route parameters and route data; Defining multiple router outlets; Lazy loading; Router lifecycle events
  • Calling Rest Web Services: Overview of Rest services; Calling Rest services using HttpClient; Dealing with asynchronous results
  • Web Sockets: Web Sockets concepts; Calling Web Sockets from JavaScript; Using RxJs Observables with Web Sockets
  • Implementing Custom Directives: Attribute directives; Specifying parameters and events; Structural directives; Transclusion
  • A Closer Look at Angular CLI: AOT vs. JIT compilation; Bundling and tree-shaking; Additional techniques