Does Investing in Custom Software Pays Off?

Dec 28, 2020

Why Investing in Custom Software Pays Off?

Everyone loves the idea of being unique. As a personality, business model or software can also be unique. We can help you create that magic called Bespoke software.

Custom based software or bespoke software is a tailored-made software by the measurements of the company. You probably have heard by now that the origin of bespoke software comes from the fashion industry. A wealthy man who could afford a suit tailored by his measurements worn “bespoke suit”.

Buying a commercial „off-the-shelf “software always looks like a good and simple idea, but sometimes it turns very complicated when you realize that you need more features, functionalities and you paid for something already „built-in by default“ that you are not using. 

With custom software you don’t have to think more how to fill the gaps with additional solutions. Also, waiting for the new software upgrade doesn’t have to be a long-awaited future.

Over the past 25 years NForza has developed and maintained a lot of custom software solutions for customers in wide variety of industries.

We cannot name one specific project that we liked the most, since we are proud of all of them, but when we talk about bespoke software it’s hard not to mention our experience with a famous Netherland supplier for construction. Following their workflows, needs, processes we managed to create their own Warehouse Management System. We combined their domain expertise and our knowledge of software development to create an independent and integrated management system.

Security is an important topic when it comes about new software. There are a lot of opinions that commercial software is secured, but the fact is custom tools are less affected for hacking since you are independent and have full control over company data.

Using cutting edge technologies, we build adaptable, flexible and agile software solutions with certain features and performances. 

Experts from NForza also had an opportunity to help The Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) in developing an integrated environment of drilling simulators and a digital learning environment. Students will now be able to train and do research in the virtual environment, practicing difficult tasks, using the right and safe techniques.

Creating custom software gives a client the best productivity, efficiency and maximum outcome with complete control, openness for suggestions and support without license fees. Taking step by step during the development process, custom software is your personal solution for your business needs such as automation of repetitive tasks, reporting or creating a more responsive business environment.

On our Business Case Experiences page you can check some of the projects we have selected to show you. If you are looking to develop your own bespoke software, NForza can help.

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